Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tales from a hospital bed.....

Daisy did not want to stay in bed, I discovered this the first night in the bay. She moaned and wailed and beseeched the nurses to let her go to the toilet. But Daisy did not need to go to the loo, and apart from anything else Daisy was attached to various drips  and each time she let her feet drop on the floor  she was perilously close to ripping the canula out of her arm...

Jenny in the bed opposite was not amused and seemed to spend all night telling Daisy to get back into bed. She confided in me that Daisy was in some ways better awake than asleep, because she slept with her eyes open and it seemed as if she was staring at her all night long.

Daisy remained unamused and steadfastly refused to eat, although when her visitors came she agreed she had had a delicious lunch. If you call a mouthful of omelette a delicious lunch then maybe she was having a fine time, but it did not seem so from where I was sitting. The bizarre thing was that when she had visitors Daisy seemed to be all there, but come the night time she was away with the fairies.

Second night was the same as she attempted to make her escape and was most indignant when the nurses put her back to bed. In a very haughty voice she said…

"I don't know, you pay your money to come and stay in a nice hotel and you get treated like this…."

The nurse responded that this was not a hotel and Daisy insisted that she had paid for her sons and herself to come to the hotel.

The nurse pointed out that her sons were at home. Again Daisy reacted sharply …

"No they are not at home, they are here with me"

The nurse decided to try a different tack and asked Daisy where 'here' was.

"Planet earth of course"

There's not a lot you can say to that!

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