Friday, 7 May 2010

Lost in Time

Rhyming poetry is a minefield and so for a long time I never touched it, but then certain things pop into your head and you find you just cant help yourself. That song by T.A.T.U ~ All the things she said plays over and over in my head and I wrote this poem. 

In between the tick and tock
The whirring hands of the busy clock
The constant buzz of the microwave
Round and round a willing slave

The autumn leaves that tumble and fall
I feel your presence in them all
The clouds that scud across the sky
My thoughts upon them way up high

My waking dreams run on forever
through the lands of never never
away to a place thats yours and mine
somewhere beyond space and time

My garden flowers all year long
Coloured echoes of distant song
This love that seems to grow and grow
Our spirits always free to flow

In between the tick and tock
The whirring hands of the busy clock
I dream my life away with you
Safe in the knowledge that you do too

Actually when reading it now another song pops into my head, All Things Bright And Beautiful. Do you see what I mean? 

I'm not sure there is a law that says that poetry has to be deep or clever, I think its whatever comes out of you. A bit like being an artist. You just paint, and if you like it, then its all good. Anyway I have never been much good at being deep or clever. I'll have to work on it!

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