Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I wasn't going to do just poetry but as soon as I made the site I ran out of things to say! Now if you know me you know that's really not true at all as I ALWAYS have things to say and yet suddenly I felt a bit pressure. Again rather daft considering I actually only have six very kind people following me at the moment. Must work on this one!

Anyway, the poetry is a cheat, I've only written one set of poetry in the last few years, and that was one night late when I could not sleep so I just turned the light back on and opened my mind. Four pages later I have still not gone back to edit, although I did let OH have a read. I may bravely go back there and have a look at some point!

The poems here have been written over a span of about thirty years! That's quite a scary though I still cannot believe I am in my mid forties. I've not really finished with my twenties yet. I've always had a lot of emotion inside me. Too many thoughts bubbling round and round. when I was at college I wrote under the pen name Barbara Owen Jones and had a number of pieces published in the college mag. Quite ironic therefore when I actually married a Jones although I could not get him to add the Owen part to our name. I suppose I could have made the name mine when I divorced him but I think that Barbara McGinlay has a lovely ring to it. I know at least one person who agrees with me!

I got my first personal computer (not counting my ZX81) back in 1996. I had a six month old baby and a desire to see what was out in the world without having to leave my living room. is it possible to be a gregarious sociaphobe? That's me. I love to communicate (oh really I hear you say) but I always prefer to be in my own little safety zone! I renamed myself 'Hazel Sometimes' and began to put my poetry on the net. I was joined by a number of others from both here in England and also America. I was the younger writer at 30 while 'Rialtos' was over 70. I suppose I would call that my poetry period. My life you see is full of phases. You might call them obsessions, but I'll share that another day!

So here we are at the latest incarnation and now I have actually managed to write something down, who knows what might happen! Watch this space as they say!

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