Tuesday, 25 May 2010

But on the bright side.....

Because there has to be a bright side

While I was on my own in Hemel Hempstead (see previous epic blog!) I read a sizable chunk of a book by a 'new to me' author Shirley Wells. Actually she is following this blog which is very kind of her. I met her on Twitter and as I have been trying out various new authors thought I would give her books a whirl.

The book is 'Into The Shadows' and it says on the blurb, Introducing forensic psychologist Jill Kennedy and DCI Max Trentham. Now this is right up my street. TV wise I love programmes like Criminal Minds and Cold Case, not to mention Bones oh and of course Midsommer Murders! Book wise I am a big fan of Patricia Cornwall and James Patterson.

The book is set in the Northwest and our heroine is in search of a serial killer known as 'Valentine' Its very readable and has me well sucked in trying to workout who dunnit. I read it all through my dinner last night and on into the night as England feebly fought off the Mexicans. 

Now call me a little OCD, but I actually bought four books by Shirley on Amazon the other week, so I have plenty to get through. Then again I'm off to Centre Parcs next week :-)


  1. You bought four??? Four??? Oh my goodness, thank you so much.

    I'm blushing here. And panicking. I do hope you like them!

    Hope you've recovered from the Wembley ordeal too. Still, a good old murder mystery might give you a few ideas... ;)

  2. Oh nooooo dont give me ideas! Only a few pages left of number one and I'm ready for the next. Bit like sitting in a comfy chair. Me likey :-)

  3. Just thought I'll pop over and say Hi. Glad your're enjoying Shirley's books :)