Thursday, 20 May 2010

Like Bees To Honey and more

I should be going to Caroline Smailes' book launch of Like Bees to Honey today, but unfortunately I am suffering from a nasty throat virus. Normally I would struggle onwards, but a) I am totally wiped out, and b) I would hate to pass on my germs to Caroline as she embarks on an exciting month promoting her book.

I met Caroline on Twitter. I was intrigued by the surname as there is a chap by the same name in my Tranmere circle. I asked, and yes sure enough my fellow white is her hubby. Small world! I was also intrigued by her links to Malta, as this island has become one of my favourite places to visit. I've been four times so far, twice in the last eight months! I find it both magical and mysterious and am excited to read Caroline's new book as it is set in Malta so who knows what else I may learn.

I have read two of Caroline's books already. In Search of Adam, and Black Boxes. I found them quite harrowing and distressing, and yet I was compelled to read both. I found that they both had elements that echoed parts of my own life, my struggles with depression and life itself. I found both books took me on a journey into both the character's and my own life. Both were very well written and the style was unlike anything I had encountered before. I would recommend both but with the warning that they do make for uncomfortable reading and most definitely not 'holiday' books.

And so to 'Like Bees' Caroline is launching the book at Waterstones, Liverpool One this evening. But in duet with this, the whole book has been serialised over the internet. I've read three chapters so far, and will probably read more but I think I would rather wait til I have the lovely new book in my hands next week. (I have pre-ordered it from Amazon) Visit to begin the treasure trail that is 'Like Bees To Honey'

Good luck to Caroline, both this evening, and for the other events planned. So disappointed not to be there.

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  1. I missed you being there! Get better soon x