Monday, 17 May 2010

Songs For A Lost Love

All I did was need you
All I did was want you
All I did was love you
Why was that so wrong?

All I did was give you
All my hope and dreams too
All I did was love you
Why was that so wrong?

Laughter in the rain
Sunday morning loving
You took away the pain
Your heart there for the having

Sunshine in your eyes
Wind between your leaves
Branches held me close
Protect me from the breeze

Storm clouds gathered over head,
Tempest broke you free
Tore up the roots that held you fast
Took you away from me.

My arms reach out
But you're not there
An empty space
That once was yours

They say time heals
And so I wait
The days turn into weeks

The clock ticks on
Its weary way
And yet nobody speaks

Of the love I held
so dear and true
Of the long dark hours
I wait for you

Of a soul that cries out in despair
For a love who is no longer there

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