Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Ok so here is a question I need your help with.

Bought son a giant sized cricket bag for all his gear. He loves his cricket and has everything helmet, pads, gloves, crickets bats and all those other bits and bobs boys need :-) He said he needed a large bag, so between us we bought one and it cost £70. That was two weeks ago.

Today some of the year 10 boys thought it would be a great idea to empty out the bag and put one of their comrades in it. Probably hysterically funny at the time, but the problem is the escapade resulted in them ripping the bag. Its not unusable as it is a kind of internal pocket that has been ripped, but the rip is the full length of the bag and renders the large pocket useless.

I'm furious and feel the boys should be made to pay for a new bag. If it had been an old bag I'd have chalked it up to boyish foolery and left it, but this is a brand new bag.

So the question is, what do I do? Do I demand full payment? Do I demand part payment. Do I demand letters of apology? This is a private school we are talking about, not some yob factory.

Would welcome your views


  1. You see? This is the sort of problem that would have me pondering for days. I'd decide to do one thing, worry about it, decide to do something else, worry about that - and days would have passed. It's always difficult with school things as your son still has to attend. The short answer? I don't know.

    I love your new blog design, by the way. Gorgeous!

  2. lol thankyou! In the end I wrote a letter asking that the boys paid for the bag and wrote a letter of apology. Deputy head phoned me to say he agreed, but in the meantime the boys had been trying to sort it out amongst themselves. Think my intervention probably made it worse. Tell you what Shirley, can you do the worrying for me please, I've had enough for now :-)