Tuesday, 8 June 2010


You know nothing of love, he said
You know nothing of a broken heart
You know nothing of the pain that I have felt
You could not even begin to start
So he took in his hands my soul
He moulded it in his fashion
He drowned it in everlasting love,
Taught of unbridled passion.
But then his hands like a vice became
Squeezing it tight til I screamed
What must I do? Must I suffer too?
You destroy everything that I dreamed.
My soul when wrung out, hung limp in his hands 
As empty as I had become
Are you happy now? I asked through my tears
Surveying what he had done.
He cried out in anguish Oh now I can see
In my anger and hate, how wrong could I be?
Your beauty and love I had no right to doubt
Your pain is as true as the pain deep in me
But it was too late,the damage was done
My heart crying out to an empty soul
My love could have been the answer for him
So strong to once more make him whole
But by his hands he destroyed the thing that could help, 
A warm loving soul  so readily given 
A time and a space to share and to be
A love in an earth bound heaven
I know about love I shout to the stars
I know about a broken heart
I know about the pain, we have felt and shared
You taught me so well in the art.

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