Monday, 14 June 2010


A poem written by a friend I knew only as Rialtos. He was in his seventies at the time and that was some 13 years ago so I would imagine he is no longer with us. His words however can last forever if we let them. Course we might not agree with him :-)

Love is a loosely used
four letter word.
I learned that from a woman.
Odd in a way, since they 
think they hold the patent
and men don't know the
first thing about it.
I love you, she said...
over and over until 
I finally realized she
didn't love me, but the
idea of being in love.
A common female
fallacy, I'd say.
Love me loving you --
that was the gist.
So who knows the least
about love, men or women?
Men may be ignorant,
but they're not confused.
That's why we keep our 
mouths shut when it
comes to love.

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