Friday, 2 July 2010


My brother has fallen out with me. its not the first time a brother has fallen out with me. I must be a really horrible person! No I am honestly you should smell my breath at the moment. We had a curry last night for my son's birthday, but that's another story!

I have three brothers. We are oddballs. Then again arn't most families full of oddballs? Isn't that what makes the world go round? We all suffer from depression in varying degrees. It stems from my father side of the family and it seems the black dog is continually plaguing one or other of us. its amazing we ever get together considering how many dark clouds hang over us.

I am not one for arguments, I hate raised voices and aggression. It stems from a few not nice things that happened in my life, but basically I do not cope well with people when they get animated in an angry way. That's me, my problem and usually I manage to steer clear of situations that might cause me to go into panic or shut down mode.

Unfortunately my younger brother took offence at something that was said on Facebook, or rather my failure to acknowledge that he was my brother. Its all very silly as he was in the wrong in the first place with a very aggressive and foul languaged post. However now he feels betrayed by me and as such has removed not just me, but my family from his facebook pages. Now I know that people do lots of silly things when they are angry and that they generally regret them afterwards, but his gripe was with me, not my friends and family and so his actions hurt. What was just a petty little comment seems to be turning into all out war and I don't like it. Its all so totally unnecessary. 

I thought the whole thing would blow over, but instead my mum has been upset, because of course she acts as the peacemaker. She doesn't need the agro. Noone does!

I'm a bit of a stubborn old soul. I don't really believe in apologising when I do not feel I have done anything wrong. However I have sent my brother a text apologising for the fact that he feels I have let him down. Its all so petty. I have enough problems in my life without having to cope with petty squabbles getting out of hand.

On the plus side, the sun is shining, I am getting some new posh Egyptian cotton bedding delivered shortly, and it's Friday which means Neil will be winging his way northwards in a few hours. Love and peace folks! Namaste x

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